Sunday, 31 August 2014

Tweed Waistcoat from Outerwear

I wouldn't normally pair tweed with those pants but...  it's sunday!
The fastening had come apart so I removed it completely with the picker - it reminded me of monkey tails and was clearly too flimsy to hold tailored tweed.
How do you do
Lastnight I watched Alfred Hitchcock's Marnie again and felt in fashion awe of Tippi Hedren's styling. Can I watch a 60s film without thinking 'I want that outfit'? I love how the bag coordinates with the skirtsuit and the taupe court shoes.
Chanel  A/W 2014

I loved the film but wouldn't describe it as a 'Suspenseful Sex Mystery'.
The Chanel burgandy tweed suit is a contemporary version of the 60s style -  fluted with a modern layered skirt. I thought I'd refashion my tweed this morning, as a result!
I'd purchased a jacket second hand for about £6, it's not vintage so I felt I had creative liberty on this (Per Una brand). It is a pink, white and brown tweed so I chose a black bobbin (it does not show in tweed, enough to start a new bobbin!) and brown tweed over thread. Along with the sleeves, I removed the shoulder pads (I's keep them for a jacket), then I sewed about 1mm from the edge of the fold, and sewed again to close the hem - make sure the lining and tweed are straight and the lining edge is inside the tweed before sewing down.

The waistcoat I made would look cute and 60s over blouses or sweaters in the winter or sleeveless as it is Autumn. I also use waistcoats to smarten the look of dresses with the thinner sleeves.
You can see The Birds Tippi Hedren costume I put together for last halloween in London! Albeit, I was without a green suit. One day..
I was inspired by the Autumn / Winter runway designs for sleeveless coats. I was going to make a ruffle for the bottom out of the sleeves but it's a good hip-length on me (5ft 4 1/2!).
The waistcoat option is a simple way to tailor coats that are too tight at the arms or look too much like outerwear to wear in the office. I sourced a long olive green tweed coat that is just beautiful - debating whether to castrate it or not. Perhaps just a refit if in doubt! I love tweed and it doesn't have to contain animal wool - but even secondhand wool is a kinder option. I will sew on buttons in future if I can see any matching - I'd prefer to source them vintage rather than at Fabric Land.
Those pants are to-do's! I felt like I was wearing PJs! They are navy and white very-fine-gingham checkI also finished the Pyjama / loungwear (I made a skirt originally with elastic and then shortened it and cut and sewed & rehemmed into shorts). Brown paisley matching set. My first ever shorts from scratch!


  1. This is really nice. Hope you get lots of wear out of it now.

  2. Oh yes even on the day I made it! Thank you for your comment x

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