Sunday, 17 August 2014

Paisley Shorts PJ's & 80s in Henley

I made a pyjama set (COMFY ELASTIC SHORTS & BLOUSE) from a £3.50 size 14 maxi dress from a christian community. French hem encases the raw edges (side of blouse) gives it a sharp structured look at the sides:
I should really remove the brand labels now they are handmade! I used thin black elastic with an ornate zigzag and reverse stitching & extra zigzag - cautiously!

Dress or fabric? Fabric!
 Yes you could wear them outdoors as a matching shorts and blouse set, but for me - lounging will suffice! Proud of these as they are so comfortable - a perfect fit, and also quality fabric to wear.  The original maxi dress, chair attacked by white blood cells:

FESTIVAL / CAMPING! 80s theme. I wore a 1980s blouse/suit double breasted with a chiffony netting collar, gold buttons with black capri trousers - the matching skirt was too conservative. Simply removed the shoulder pads. This particular festival really was not my kindof thing and I hated the fact there were no recycling banks only rubbish bin skips and someone smoking outside the tent :( Overall, I wouldn't go there again but I always enjoyed Henley. It wasn't like 'stepping into a different decade' like I'd imagined!  The guy who kept saying 'loving life, living the dream' had a lot of charisma too!

I found grey shorter-style wellington boots new from Helen and Douglas charity in Henley. Just £10.99 (tesco had ugly leopard print ones for £14 and the money didn't go towards a good cause!) Glad I didn't have to go without mudwear! I would rather go barefoot than source wellies from Primark. my flipflops were chewed by puppy so I treated myself to some new crocs (Adrina pink / purple bubble):
Gold postbox, Henley

where have you been all my life!

Here is the mens tie shirt I wore 

Crueltyfree lipbalm: green tea / rootbeer Hurraw, the cinnamon is great too. It's amazing: Three Cinnamon Pukka.


  1. Love the waistcoat and shirt combo.

    1. Thank you, I was happy to wear something refashioned, every hem apart from the length i remade and one of the guys remembered that pattern style of necktie :D