Sunday, 5 May 2013

Dogtanians! Chalkfitti

Go Vegan End famine.
Meet Dogtanian. Vegalante's kindness comrade fur-sista. She loves to meet people so her social skills make her a brilliant activist in the park or in town. The sheer enthusiasm of her running alone shows her great energy! She also loves animals, she approached her doppelganger today who barked at her angrily, obviously NOT a vegan dog that one. Here Lila is posing with some colourful rainbow writing opposite a butchers.PS. Read Butterflies' informative vegan dogs post if you're a naysayer about these plucky pups! :@) Also listen to Philip Wollen's Animals Should be off the Menu even if vegan already.
 ... and infront of an unethical poster *these are splattered everywhere at the moment, methinks they are struggling to get people interested thanks to information technology! I noticed when I was out jogging how aggressive the advertising was and it made me quite nauseous. Funny how they put them at BUS STOPS! Cos eat that and you won't want to run, ha ha. Bus stop the cruelty!
Let's end -world- hunger. It has a higher economic cost than £1.50 and it is certainly not saving anyone! My dog can't see red but she can smell blood and their attitude stinks!!
Time to kill? No, time to go vegan! Use your iphone and google it if you don't believe Dogtanian
Outside a church centre. Thou shall not kill
Dog park entrance
 Thankyou tree for keeping my message dry, I'll save you.  / Slow down and read this sign 
 chalk-fitti vegan chalk in busy areas - kind and saves the NHS money :) healthier people
Meet Xerxes, Chalkster Extraordinaire! Marina's vegan dog.  'Xerxes was out spreading the Vegan message today :) He wants you all to please watch doesn't cost anything and might just change your life on Youtube 
 Vegan for the Animals
Lila mentions that oil pastels work wonderfully on plastics or walls if you don't have any chalk to hand, or kohl eyeliners for the glamour pussycats out n about.  These doggy activists put one paw infront of the other and show some humans how it's done!
All dogs are go... VEGAN! 

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  1. Hey, I saw that you had a dog and I was hoping I could ask a question about your dog?!