Saturday, 19 July 2014

Beauty and the Beast

For fashion in films and I chose Belle from Beauty and the Beast (1991). Here is my outfit.

From the 90s, polkadot pinafore.
My 1991 Sparkle Eyes Barbie (a version of). My blog is named after FLASH my bestfriend and SPARKLE myself when we met in 1993!... WHAT I HAD: 
  • Denim miniskirt pinafore brand new with tags from the Christian-Community charity!
  • Garish size 14UK 80s/90s dress. Still had tags on though bought 20yrs ago! I sourced it chiefly for the blouse potential. 
  1. Cut desired length from dress, remove hankerchief and shoulder pads.
  2. RESIZE. Unpick original side hems (photo) at the sides to make it slimmer and re-sew (sewing machine).  Now a size 10UK. Weave-stitch the ends if you wish. 
Iron on crease ONLY if it's thick fabric (I had to add darts both sides as cover-up). Fan the folds of the spare material out so the side-hem lies flat / equal, and fold bias-tape over. (bottom hem). Re-thread machine to grey and sew down.
I decided to hem the bottom in grey bias tape as it has red piping but that's a little too contrasting for a hem. Ta da! NEW BLOUSE!

Ideal for a high waist black or navy skirt or dress or trendier same skirt after altering.
Flouncy hair barrette. Really I never stopped wearing scrunchies and hair barettes, but Vogue speculates that 80s big n bold may be visiting this autumn, so, good.  I have this in rapsberry and black to match my outfits (ebay) I wanted more colours but felt greedy and they're so easy to make oneself. And a handmade fimo polymer clay necklace (charity) to add colour and groove! I still have one of my colourful fimo necklaces I was bought at a craft fair in California :D
 I made a bow out of a sleeve of another retro dress (reverse side).

BELLE'S BALLGOWN (thrift). I don't need a ballgown - I would be all dressed up and nowhere to go, watching THE YOUNG ONES on a saturday night. A buttercup-yellow jacket shall suffice. £2.50 charityshop, perfect condition just very petite! No worries, I can squidge into tops at least. The dress fluted perfectly: Mod Skirt to Dress
 CARTOON 2D purse in coordinating blue! Polkadots

Renny & the Beast!

On its way to being one of my favourite (most useful) blouses for its versatility and cool to wear in the summer.
I actually thought I'd bought the stem for a white rose, major LOllz...
This rose decided to bloom in that magical colour just for the occasion!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Midi Skirt to Mod Dress

The finished dress with a charityshop belt from 2004 when boho was in fashion! mock croc / vegetarian. Started off as a plain brown skirt and I cut armholes and cut and sewed a tie for unusual an sleeveless. Much more comfortable than tight dresses which distract me from whatever Im doing!

Matching outfits. working 9-5 (digging up the garden)
Fallon Harris Specialities: Field Sales; investments into the Sticks Exchange; security & alarms. Skills: Meeting and greeting; paper shredding; food waste disposal; opening mail.  

Monday, 7 July 2014

Retro in Reading

AFRICAN BLOUSE worn as a dress (black miniskirt underneath for formal). This was from the Christian Community shop in a very multi-cultural area, more unusual designs. Just look at that fabric and the laser-cut edging! It was £8.

Dark gold nails (NEUTRAL nailpolish is very popular at the moment). I wore my hair in a half-up fountain do. It was a relaxing summer evening with good company. I watched a new series: SHERLOCK and a film GRAND HOTEL BUDAPEST. How charismatic are Benedict Cumberbatch and Ralph Fiennes!

Posing by the Abbey ruins in Reading. Bright berries that managed to thrive amongst scaffolding...

Gate in Oxford. Wait Tourists - whilst I get a photo for my blog! 
Awesome jazzy waistcoat from Helen & Douglas, skirt from Oxford - dinosaur pebble print? Long pencil skirt. I would not normally wear hot pink but it looked cool, and I adore tailoring. Even at weekends, not a tshirt person! Well, unless for outreach/charity!
GARDEN. Puppy beside california poppies. The rose I grew from a £1 root-and-short-stalk... buds.
 I completed her doggy mat  Fallon's Eco Rug

 This is the face I get to wake up to every morning!

OXFORD. Listened into the Concert hall orchestra from the radcliffe centre...