Thursday, 27 March 2014

Upcycling - Fabric Bangles

These recycled bangles (top 5) have a 0 carbon footprint pretty much as both the bangles and fabrics are re-used and fit with the tapestry and floral trends at the moment.
This is how I've stored my bangles: Rolling pin and a soymilk pitcher! (or use a kitchen tube). I'm trying to stay low-fat so the pastry is out!

I bought the crotchet roses as sewn onto a table runner, glued them to each side of the orange bangle (with the smaller rose at the back). You can use bias ribbon or cut strips of material and 'hem' (glue down) one edge so it does not fray, the other side of the 'ribbon' will be covered with the next wrap. For thicker materials, I folded over the edges and simply wrapped them in the buried level of the brass bangles.   The twisty bangle is reinforced with embroidery thread.

Whilst in the fabric store - select craft roses to wrap metal hair slides for unique coordinating barrettes.      Jewellery box - I painted a very dull grey box  with black acrylic and used wadding and tapestry material to form the cushion. (the clear window and lace did not appeal to me). 

You can decorate plain objects with painting or using fimo (polymer clay) or paper-mache' / varnishing paper. Find interesting fabric online. I must purchase this cocker spaniels material! looks like my orange roan puppy, Fallon-Vegan.   (from amazon). Vintage golden and lemon roan cocker spaniel. 
GARDENING SEASON! I LOVE growing roses (and fruit plants) from seedling, the storebought potted flowers can be replanted in larger containers (then cut off the dying flower heads and any leaves with disease)

Other upcycling ideas: Fashion & Home

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Eco Recycling - Fashion & Home

Trinket box - padded the top with ikea material, covered with fabric.

Laundry bag made from a curtain, metal rings from a broken handbag and a green plaid ribbon bought at a market (independent stores!). This already came with metal inlaid hoops which you can string the ribbon through. If you only have the hook kind, sew loops onto it.
The rose material was a curtain I bought second hand too (Meadow chews seat pads).
Dog-leash Box made with embossed pretty wallpaper that came with the doors and a washing-power box and bonding glue.
Tippi hedren - 'The Birds' Hitchcock halloween costume crow made from 2 magic felt hats, tin foil, coat hangers and fruit salad forks. I made the pendant from shrink plastic.

Bag brooch. A charity-shop luggage satchel, recycled material and recycled earring. I use the bag to hold my fabrics.

A rug I'm working on using scrap materials (scarves, dresses, unused chinese fabric). Fully knotted, handmade, warm and £0 compared to the pricey handmade rugs you would buy. Watch films simultaneously as this is tedious to make! The puppies already want to sit on it!

Mouse Mat. Curtain material I bought for £2 (Uganda schools charity shop) to make a dog bed with (get the mattress from IKEA). The puppies chewed the new mouse and the prehistoric white mouse needed suspension! This was essential and avoided a trip to the supermarket (plus you can match the fabric of whatever is in your room). The material is folded over, folded at the sides and stuck down, it's a lot prettier than a foam mousemat. Paintbrush box (padded plastic) + double sided strong tape + bonding glue.
I look out for bangles and tapestry fabric too! I went back to donate more items as it was a really special cause.
Fallon Vegan's new raincoat / cape. Material cut from a skirt bought from a charity shop purely for the cord material. Green plaid ribbon macrame-knotted (four strands) and attached to the fabric.

Picking wild-flowers (from abundant areas) instead of buying new.  These yellow flowers are everywhere here in South Wales! Need gloves and a pruning tool as there are thorns.
Macrame-knotted hemp twine and pitcher.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Human Pollution

Because of human pollution, there will be chemtrails instead of rainbows, we'll have to make rainbows with prisms held to artificial light. People will look on at butterflies like dinosaurs of the sky. Birds with be dropping dead like the animals at the executioners' knives. The environment will be hell on earth without a revolution with 200 species lost a day and the earth resources turned to scrap and it's not even safe to leave your door unlocked or to walk at night.
Millions of humans plug electricity into iphones ipads and ieverythings yet suck the blood from living breathing lifeforms. They will touch a phone with baby gloves, buy little cots to avoid glass scratches, yet throw baby chicks into grinders like waste disposal to be chewed up and call it a necessary evil for 'humane eggs' that they are still eating like it's the dark ages when we've discovered technology to do pretty much anything but to discover logic and compassion, which communities are built upon. Bodies line the soil banks, that banks fund to create toxic land, futile instead of fertile because of man. Humans are causing deforestation and soil erosion and degradation; orchards are swapped for wastelands and slaughtercamps, trash islands and oil line the sea instead of coral and species we had still to discover. Governments inject money into bloody barbaric ventures when tax can be spent on conservation and artistic architecture. Global warming is dismised as conjecture as peoples' homes are lost 'to nature'.
People would rather throw away rubber gloves than wash their hands and will turn their head at 'Earthlings' whilst spreading their bread with earthlings and go to bed ignorant of earthlings, that are writhing in cocoons of suffering that the plastic life is concocting. Even the slaughterworkers have earphones to avoid the screams of the animals they plug into machines for the sake of 'health and safety', to avoid post traumatic stress of creating trauma for living beings, carry on and clean the machines and repeat like the demons you are told to be.

Regulations only serve to create delegations to allow any Violent to swing a piglet into a boiling vat. As religion gives to some a free pass to be cruel, marketing rules create a barrier for the consumer to be told the truth. Hens and roosters that would rise at morning to sunshine are hanging from belts to be sliced, then drowned then boiled perhaps alive, to be repackaged in plastic in the name of 'modern LIFE'.  An evolution of pollution is a devolution, humanity without compassion it is a plague on all environmental life. I long for the day when animals including sealife are given a personhood instead of corporations, it is proportionate that the right to life should be respected more than the monarchy of the £. You cannot place a price on the last clean water.
- RenataLaura (TIME to go VEGAN)

Dean Weston submitted an FOI request to the Food Standards Agency last year, asking for the total number of farm animals slaughtered in the UK in 2012. The answer: 1,017,298,008 lives. "I also submitted a number of supplementary questions to the FSA, including: 'How many of the total number killed in 2012 were the victims of the ritual slaughter (halal & shechita) methods?' The answer: they couldn't say, because they don't bother to count them! Presumably, therefore, the total number provided by the FSA could in fact be considerably higher. I can only presume they also don't bother counting the hundreds of millions of individuals who don't make it to the slaughterhouse -- like the ground-up or gassed male chicks, the day-old calves shot in the head without ever leaving the farm, the downer cows, and all those who succumb to disease and sickness."

I am Athiest, but like to address every issue including the 'Thou Shall not Kill / Steal' many religious conveniently ignore.  Genesis 1.29 Then God said, "Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you; 30and to every beast of the earth and to every bird of the sky and to every thing that moves on the earth which has life, I have given every green plant for food";

Save the environment
Human destruction cartoon/art on youtube (from caveman to modern day): MAN