Monday, 29 September 2014

Racy Dress to Lacey Skirt

You can refashion your awkward dresses to a simple but glamorous skirt. Alice's Closet Part 1: Dress from Alice + Adam ant style blouse and Shanghai Tang black lace top Ive had since the 90s. It used to have a hot pink vest croptop with it (yuk) but I cut it off years ago to wear under chiffon fabric to make it less see-thru. 2 minute refashion for comfortable clothing.
Tiny dress, meet Mr Scissors... just chopped the boob bits off and left a ruffle of lace on the elastic to make it pretty and cut the straps of the drawstring bow to 3 inches so it is more delicate.
I liked the layering at the bottom and black lace is suitably moody without being sixth-form-goth! We saw some local art. Original mouse print 1910 
 Kiwi cross section. David Bowie portrait mosaic
I will do some sewing this weekend

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Claret and Chocolate

I dyed my hair grape/raspberry! (mixed colours over blonde) I love it! Back to dark hair in a fun way. New hair for my autumn wardrobe!
A little after-work refashion. 80s long pencil skirt to CHERRY RED MINI. Originally I was going to sew a red lace overlay at the bottom as it's rather plain for my usual bizz! However, a little red skirt is a welome staple item - the red goes with white or navy rather well.  It was heavy polyester so I don't think it suited a pencil skirt, but it was tailored and lined so suitable for a smart above knee. Although I do like to dress classy, I want some sassy items in my closet too! Matches a white blouse and any waistcoat or jacket.

All it took was pins, shears, red thread and a sewing machine. About 10 minutes.

Fallon  Fashionista enjoys playing dressup 80s style pink visor. Look to the left... look to the right... 

REFASHION - Hobbs lined skirt (classic brand, smart fluted skirt, but was just was a bit outdated with this busy pattern). Sometimes I'd just rather separate unwanted clothing into buttons, lining material and fabric (or just change my mind and re-charity shop it!) and not bother with the noisy sewing machine. This scarf was another no sew. I just cut of the outer viscose-chiffon layer and used it as a scarf, fluted skirts are ideal for this as they drape nicely. I wore the scarf on my bike and it kept the wind off so practical yet glamorous.
I wore the circles print with dots (zara shirt). Hobbs lightweight scarves cost around £40 (yet so easy to make!). 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Shan Shui Mountains Blouse

CASUAL BLOUSE - A shirt my brother did not want. It was a mens XXL. I managed to cut the blouse without needing the fabric from the sleeves I removed. I adore the fabric, and you wouldn't find anything like this in Fabric Land! It's a lovely soft material that keeps its shape and colour and doesn't bobble, smooth knit. I've called it shan shui as it has water and land in the print. I removed the existing collar as I wanted a cute neckline (it is a busy print). I used the fat end of a grey/blue polyester neck tie, opened and removed the interfacing using a picker. Cut it in half and used as the front of the collar. I had to re-iron one of the sides and stitch in white on the edge, Maybe I should have matched the lines for symmetry, but for a one-off design, anything goes! I used the thin side to make the back of the collar (the inside of the shirt is shown in the centre). I also created a flap of material to act as interfacing on the blouse - it joins the tie to the blouse to make it less flimsy.  
I have no idea how old the tie is but the font looks retro! And really, it hasn't been in fashion for a while! and Made In Britain -  most items are imported now.

This is the original mens shirt. I know I could have charity'd it but I REALLY wanted the fabric! The more unusual the better. My blouse looks feminine with the round short sleeves (they are cut from the blouse). I am making the Bellini blouse this week for the sew-along. I bought a white with jaquard embossed (leaves brocade) table cloth for £2.49. & Blouse made using a necktie as a bias.