Monday, 27 October 2014

Velvet X-Back Vest & Mens Tie Collar

Alice's Suitcase 3 

Alice had a tshirt-dress that had a silly stitched in faux collar in a daggy apple green... just what is the point of that! I don't refashion jersey but I do mens ties! When she handed me this dress I was like... ties! Plus, she likes paisley and jewel colours and I had two complementary ties (same brand and time - st michaels is circa 2000). I sewed the ends of these ties onto a mens cardigan for another bestfriend - good use of £2 I'll say!
 First I handsewed the ties into a nicely done collar. I am hoping the sheen of the fabric ill hold up on a cold wash and besides jersey needs to be put on delicates to avoid bobbling. The collar sits over the button-fastening. The larger collar is much more flattering - everyone wants to look pretty right! I think the addition of mens ties made it more ladylike and classic. the pattern and sheen is reminiscent of smoking jackets, a bit 1940s. 


Navy version of the dress I bought - I'd only worn it once as I felt swamped in it. I marked in blue where I folded and cut the fabric cut out the pockets and used this as an outline to the pinafore. I removed the skirt and the bottom skirt elastic, fitted it to a bodice, cut the back lower and sewed the straps from material I removed. I went over all the edges with the sewing machine and rolled hem.  I also sewed darts into the back so the arch wouldn't droop.  Very useful to have a mannequin! I kept the bodice of the dress  (black buttons removed) for sewing into a delightful dress eventually. 

I love the slightly Medieval result on its own, or it can be worn as an evening top or a vest over white blouses 60s style - stylish way to keep warm! Also posted this week:- Zebra Print & Glitter 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Velvet Zebra Print & Glitter

Alice's Suitcase Pt2 - From dress to vest that can be worn over a blouse
Long sleeve dress - snipped the skirt as it was too short for a dress and the lace was not continuous at the back so I sewed the cut-off lace onto the reverse to join it. The sash was missing so I cut fabric from a charity shop sparkly glitter shirt, sewed inside out and turned out, sewed onto the plain panel. As the original shirt was a size 14 I fit it to the size 10-12 mannequin to see how much to nip it in at the waist to sew it more fitted. I didn't like the knitwear or tshirt arms with this look so I sewed my own collar and hemmed the sleeveless with self fabric bias tape (velvet). I finished the inside velvet seam with a zizag stich to prevent fraying and smoothed the edge of the lace. My style is more vampy than grunge. Alice wears blazers so this will suit underneath with her courdroy skirts.
 Yes, pretty pleased with that sash!

I went to Manchester again! I love how friendly the people are and the city is dynamic, lots to do lots of culture, my gym is available in Manchester too. Megabus stop-off present for my Alice, Edward & myself. I managed to read an entire book on the way back it's like 4 1/2 hours from London. Whilst there we accidentally bumped into a Bolton vegan i went to paris with!  Had such a great weekend.   V-Edward:
Here was the shirt I used for the glitter material. NOT HOT! The fabric was gorgeous though! I still have half of the body material left over to use for something delicate - was £2 (Christian community charityshop).  I went to the Fallofield charityshops with Edward and found an emerald green dress that suited perfectly - good karma once in a while! I found a fluted purple gothic blouse too, so I looked like an aubergine that weekend. I hope Alice likes her new vest!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Racy Dress to Lacey Skirt

SCISSOR REFASHIONS! You can refashion your awkward dresses to a simple but glamorous skirt. Alice's Closet Part 1: Grungey Dress

I also made the top from one of her dresses and a glittery-shirt Alice's suitcase 2

Tiny dress, meet Mr Scissors... just chopped the boob bits off and left a ruffle of lace on the elastic to make it pretty, drew in the drawstring, tied a new bow and cut the straps down. I styled it with an Adam ant style blouse and Shanghai Tang black lace top Ive had since the 90s. It used to have a hot pink vest croptop with it (yuk) but I cut it off years ago to wear under chiffon fabric to make it less see-thru. I liked the layering at the bottom and black lace is suitably moody without being sixth-form-goth!

I seem to have a penchant for black glitter.
Hobbs lined skirt (classic brand, smart fluted skirt, but was just was a bit outdated with this busy pattern). Sometimes I'd just rather separate unwanted clothing into buttons, lining material and fabric (or just change my mind and re-charity shop it!) and not bother with the noisy sewing machine. This scarf was another no sew. I just cut of the outer viscose-chiffon layer and used it as a scarf, fluted skirts are ideal for this as they drape nicely. I wore the scarf on my bike and it kept the wind off so practical yet glamorous.