Sunday, 24 August 2014

Summer Autumn Transition

HIGH NECK AND PLEATED SKIRT - Urban Retro + 80s Revival Trend for Autumn

 2 in 1 dress (knee-length skirt-and-blouse or dress). Reversible blouse (front or back)

Original (80s scrubs/dress)
I love the box shape of the original, but it was OTT with the loud pattern and he droopy waist was held on with weak elastic. I cut the skirt from the dress and resewed with some seam allowance, which I sewed to encase new white elastic at waist level. Hem (shown) then this folds over the elastic (then sew):
For the blouse, I removed the shoulderpads (use a picker), cut down the centre of the modesty panel insert, hemmed the edges and folded inside the shirt. Vertical cut down the shirt so I could hem the bottom easily and choose the fit. I rehemmed the edges of the cross over before doing this. Sleeves: I removed 2 inches from the hem so it actually has 2 ruffles / folds. It is a sleeveless blouse.
The skirt didn't fit on the mannequin so I had to bathroom model it sorry! (it's raining!) The original hasn't been in style for about 30 years, a few tweaks made it wearable.
I wasted NO material and gathered two items from one. It will look great with a blue, navy or grey skirt. I wore the skirt with a white blouse and navy blazer.
Phillip Lim dress A/W 14/15
My version keeps the high neck and folded knee length skirt but with a sunshine-friendly lightweight and fun fabric.
I found a charity shop by my house for the first time! Sue Ryder in Emmer green, Caversham.
A grey suit jacket for £5.45 IN MY STYLE or...THE AVENGERS... MAN FROM UNCLE... & A lovely 60S-NECKLINE MENS sweater for £1 !! I love the natural marl colour and it looks as new.
 Crueltyfree lipbalm: green tea / rootbeer Hurraw, the cinnamon is great too. If you're in UK, BUY THIS TEA! It's amazing: Three Cinnamon Pukka:
where have you been all my life!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

80s in Henley

80s blouse/suit double breasted with a chiffony netting collar, gold buttons. Simply removed the shoulder pads.
The festival really was not my kindof thing and I hated the fact there were no recycling banks only rubbish bin skips :( Overall, I wouldn't go there again but enjoy Henley.  Gold postbox to commemorate the Olympics.

Burda August magazine arrived. I love that Burda magazine caters for current and upcoming fashion. I used to associate pattern-sewn-clothes with rockabilly 50s style and wasn't interested, but now I see creative inspiration.  It's not just red ginham netted dresses, cherry print cupcake cardigans and skull appliques! I cut and resewed two skirts from dresses: Mod Vintage for Work

I adore the tailored cut out skirts that are on trend and to mix fabrics - I have been collecting tweed for this autumn and winter (what a hobby right, one fabric purchase for a dress and others charity). This one is in Karen Millen 2014 or make your own: Capital Chic 'Manhattan' pattern (established 2014).  I would like to try this idea with neckties. Here is the mens tie shirt I wore:
COATS AS WAISTCOATS: Boxy sleevless mens suits - I actually like this upcoming season! I have a longline 70s vest like the tan end coat already.
  And my flipflops were chewed by puppy so I treated myself to some new crocs (Adrina pink / purple bubble):

I found grey shorter-style wellington boots new from Helen and Douglas charity in Henley. Just £10.99 (tesco had ugly leopard print ones for £14 and the money didn't go towards a good cause!) Glad I didn't have to go without mudwear! I would rather go barefoot than source wellies from Primark.
Growing vegetables - plant seeds and the garden creates itself!

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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Gatsby Blouse

Free-size adjustable heather-print blouse made from a £3.50 maxi skirt... 
No cute clothes are available in plus size? This was actually a size 10 skirt. I would like to make clothes for all sizes. I turned the skirt upside down, cut off the elastic, hemmed. Lined the side-slits up to make a V neck. Sewed the arms down. 


I wore the brown with red. I instantly thought of a blouse as it is like scarf material, it was unwearable as a skirt (no lining and with the side splits!) I used a green vintage bamboo brooch for the neckline tucked into the skirt (for detail), and to wrap at the bottom front of the shirt loose (for more fit).

Beautiful drapes and neutral fabric. And I had a request, a luxury pillow for the staffie's bed! So soft.
We love OUR Saturday morning snooze! Made from the blouse of a 70s (genuine) dress and the sleeve stretched and sewn over the bubble side of the fabric. Standard mattress padding for this.  -skirt here-.Tomatoes I grew and one stolen from the bush by an orange and white monster:
plucked from the bush by Fallon!
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