Monday, 22 December 2014

Sparkly Safari Skirt

Bloody awful playsuit (Like jumpsuits but nappy-ish) I found in a £1 sale rail of a charity shop. I was almost tempted not to take a before photo! I don't know if it was trying for 1980's or bloated zebra. It was labeled river island size 8 but baggy so I expect it was meant to be worn with a vest underneath top preserve some dignity. It is a lycra fabric.
I cut the blouse beyond the elastic (turned upside down) and cut panels from the outer fabric of the shorts to sew onto the sides to drape the shimmery fabric. A lot of pinning and minimal sewing later.
 I sewed the hem closely to the edge to retain the longer length of the skirt using the fabric I had. Shimmery cheetah print over zebra and giraffe monochrome.   I think the £1 rail refashions are my favourite as they start off quite limited in style so it's more of a challenge to make wearable. Unwanted clothes from charity shops tend to be sold off for £1 a large bag as loose fabric but it's no guarantee it won't end up in landfill. Indeed, some highstreet shops have been deemed unethical for throwing their unsold items straight to refuse, learning to sew recovers resources.  NEXT PROJECT: OVERSIZED MENS TSHIRT using a Simplicity pattern from 1981.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Oriental Utility Tshirt

Cranberry colour for winter
I wanted to a comfortable loose-fit pinafore for layering. The casual style was ideal for pockets, which I made from the sleeves after removing and rehemming in a dull red thread. I also finished the bottom side and underarm with a zigzag stitch over the crossing because the embroidery would pull otherwise.
Pockets made from the redundant sleeves
The before... Shoulder pads, which I removed; dated side vent, which I sewed up. Size XL (but I used this to advantage as a loose blouse, just taking it in up to 4 inches total after). 
The fabric is actually embroidered and the cranberry colour is gorgeous and non iron / pull / fade, etc. It was wonderful fabric for just £1 on the sale rail. 

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Shiny Paisley in Jewel Colours

Worn at work in the city
Alice donated me a 'babydoll' style top which were all the rage in 2004 with a silly ribbon, which I removed and resized on the sewing machine suitable for a coordinates vest.

What was the point of that ribbon!
This Size L paisley shirt I found reduced to £3 in a local charity shop, again with a sash, which I removed (I kept this one for future fabric needs) and fitted the shirt to S/M. I pinned the ruffles to mark how high I wanted the collar to join. I threaded the bobbin in beige and the main thread to match the current stitching and sewed down the underneath of the flap over the existing stitching.
 No gape! Now work suitable with a beige or navy skirt. There wasn't a use for the sash either because it has a size zip for close fitting. I'm not a fan of superfluous bows!
20 minutes takes a 'discarded' item from baggy to snazzy!
Manchester Wheel, Picadilly... I had to take a photo of the flock of birds! No filter on this