Sunday, 31 August 2014

Tweed Waistcoat from Outerwear

I wouldn't normally pair tweed with those pants but...  it's sunday!
The fastening had come apart so I removed it completely with the picker - it reminded me of monkey tails and was clearly too flimsy to hold tailored tweed.
How do you do
Lastnight I watched Alfred Hitchcock's Marnie again and felt in fashion awe of Tippi Hedren's styling. Can I watch a 60s film without thinking 'I want that outfit'? I love how the bag coordinates with the skirtsuit and the taupe court shoes.
Chanel  A/W 2014

I loved the film but wouldn't describe it as a 'Suspenseful Sex Mystery'.
The Chanel burgandy tweed suit is a contemporary version of the 60s style -  fluted with a modern layered skirt. I thought I'd refashion my tweed this morning, as a result!

I'd purchased a jacket second hand for about £6, it's not vintage so I felt I had creative liberty on this (Per Una brand). It is a pink, white and brown tweed so I chose a black bobbin (it does not show in tweed, enough to start a new bobbin!) and brown tweed over thread. Along with the sleeves, I removed the shoulder pads (I's keep them for a jacket), then I sewed about 1mm from the edge of the fold, and sewed again to close the hem - make sure the lining and tweed are straight and the lining edge is inside the tweed before sewing down.

The waistcoat I made would look cute and 60s over blouses or sweaters in the winter or sleeveless as it is Autumn. I also use waistcoats to smarten the look of dresses with the thinner sleeves.
You can see The Birds Tippi Hedren costume I put together for last halloween in London! Albeit, I was without a green suit. One day..
I was inspired by the Autumn / Winter runway designs for sleeveless coats. I was going to make a ruffle for the bottom out of the sleeves but it's a good hip-length on me (5ft 4 1/2!).
The waistcoat option is a simple way to tailor coats that are too tight at the arms or look too much like outerwear to wear in the office. I sourced a long olive green tweed coat that is just beautiful - debating whether to castrate it or not. Perhaps just a refit if in doubt! I love tweed and it doesn't have to contain animal wool - but even secondhand wool is a kinder option. I will sew on buttons in future if I can see any matching - I'd prefer to source them vintage rather than at Fabric Land.
Those pants are next! I felt like I was wearing PJs! They are navy and white very-fine-gingham check. I also finished the Pyjama / loungwear (I made a skirt originally with elastic and then shortened it and cut and sewed & rehemmed into shorts). Brown paisley matching set. My first ever shorts from scratch!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Summer Autumn Transition

HIGH NECK AND PLEATED SKIRT - Urban Retro + 80s Revival Trend for Autumn

 2 in 1 dress (knee-length skirt-and-blouse or dress). Reversible blouse (front or back)

rainmac & indoors photos... It was raining

I love the box shape of the original, but with the loud pattern it hasn't been in style for about 30 years and the droopy waist was held on with weak elastic, I am not a fan of shirred waists on dresses - they drag and bunchI cut the skirt from the dress and resewed with some seam allowance, which I sewed to encase new white elastic at waist level.

For the blouse, I removed the shoulderpads (use a picker), cut down the centre of the modesty panel insert, hemmed the edges and folded inside the shirt. Vertical cut down the shirt so I could hem the bottom easily (double folded hem) and choose the fitSleeves: I removed 2 inches from the hem so it actually has 2 ruffles / folds. It is a sleeveless blouse. 

I wore it V-neck with a tweed green/grey skirt and a chinese ceramic necklace I charity-sourced 10 years ago! I wore the skirt with a white blouse and navy blazer. I love the dress with the high neck - it's a bit 70s with the V! My version of this Autumn/Winter 2014 style keeps the high neck and folded knee length skirt but with a sunshine-friendly lightweight and fun fabric. 

Phillip Lim dress A/W 14/15
I love my new skirt and blouse! The duo only cost me £4.50 total. This similar print is from the 80s too.
And I wore to work the 80s dress to sz10 blouse, with a 60s herringbone tweed pinafore with contrast. I must find a pattern for making pinafores, they're so versatile.
I found a charity shop by my house for the first time! Sue Ryder in Emmer green, Caversham.
A grey suit jacket for £5.45 IN MY STYLE or...THE AVENGERS... MAN FROM UNCLE... & A lovely 60S-NECKLINE MENS sweater for £1 ! I love the natural marl colour and it looks as new. I will probably style it with a black pencil skirt.

How I made the pinafore shirt: Box Blouses.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Paisley Shorts PJ's & 80s in Henley

Wearing refashions on special occasions, pt 1 & 2 :D
I made a pyjama set (COMFY ELASTIC SHORTS & BLOUSE) from a £3.50 size 14 maxi dress from a christian community. French hem encases the raw edges (side of blouse) gives it a sharp structured look at the sides:
I should really remove the brand labels now they are handmade! I used thin black elastic with an ornate zigzag and reverse stitching & extra zigzag - cautiously!
Dress or fabric? Fabric!
 Yes you could wear them outdoors as a matching shorts and blouse set, but for me - lounging will suffice! Proud of these as they are so comfortable - a perfect fit, and also quality fabric to wear. I will wear them in Manchester. techno techno techno!!     The original maxi dress, chair attacked by white blood cells:

FESTIVAL / CAMPING! 80s theme. I wore a 1980s blouse/suit double breasted with a chiffony netting collar, gold buttons with black capri trousers - the matching skirt was too conservative. Simply removed the shoulder pads. This particular festival really was not my kindof thing and I hated the fact there were no recycling banks only rubbish bin skips and someone smoking outside the tent :( Overall, I wouldn't go there again but I always enjoyed Henley. It wasn't like 'stepping into a different decade' like I'd imagined!  The guy who kept saying 'loving life, living the dream' had a lot of charisma too! I found grey shorter-style wellington boots new from Helen and Douglas charity in Henley. Just £10.99 (tesco had ugly leopard print ones for £14 and the money didn't go towards a good cause!) Glad I didn't have to go without mudwear! I would rather go barefoot than source wellies from Primark. my flipflops were chewed by puppy so I treated myself to some new crocs (Adrina pink / purple bubble):
Gold postbox, Henley

where have you been all my life!

When I returned, Burda August magazine had arrived. I love that Burda magazine caters for current and upcoming fashion. I used to associate pattern-sewn-clothes with rockabilly 50s style and wasn't interested, but now I see creative inspiration.  It's not just red ginham netted dresses, cherry print cupcake cardigans and skull appliques! I cut and resewed two skirts from dresses: Mod Vintage for Work.  Here is the mens tie shirt I wore yuppy 80s!Crueltyfree lipbalm: green tea / rootbeer Hurraw, the cinnamon is great too. It's amazing: Three Cinnamon Pukka. I love finding new products.